Shoot 'em up cowboy (valleyoflocusts) wrote in cdswappin,
Shoot 'em up cowboy

Rage against the machin - evil empire

Staind - dysfunction

Staind - break the cycle

The family values tour 2001

The family values tour 98

Soulfly - self titled

coal chamber - chamber music

coal chamber - self titled

limp bizkit - significant other

Taproot - gift

no doubt - tragic kingdom

korn - follow the leader

korn - issues

korn - self titled

korn - life is peachey

dope - felons and revolutionairies

slipknot - self titled

slipknot - iowa

slipknot - maximum slipknot

system of a down - self titled

system of a down - toxicity

spineshank - the height of callousness

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