_diciembre (_diciembre) wrote in cdswappin,

I have some Cd's i'd like to swap/sell whatever. Check under the cut.

prices have been set if you want to buy.

1. Jennifer Lopez - On the 6. Like new. $5
2. Spirit of the 60s album. Contains 3 cds. Like New. $8
3. Jean-Luc Ponty - Mystical Adventures. Good condition. $4
4. Robyn - self titled. Cover in poor condition. $3
5. Blink 182 - self titled. Fair condition. $4
6. TLC - Fanmail. Fair condition. $5 SOLD - THANK YOU!
7. Third Eye Blind - self titled. Fair condition. $4 SOLD - THANK YOU!
8. En Vogue - Best of.. Good condition. $6
9. LFO - self titled. Good condition. $6 SOLD - THANK YOU!
10. Blink 182 - Enema of the State. Good condition. $5

these are the cds I want:
Cher - Living Proof
Shakira - Laundry Service
Craig David - Slicker than your average
Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way

let me know if you have anything i want that you would liek to swap for.. or if you want to buy, that can be arranged.
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